Valle De Guadalupe

June 23-25, 2023

Guadalupe Wine Country – Origen75

Rolling Vineyards – Picturesque Views – Peaceful – Lovely Retreats – Taste Food and Wine

This trip we stayed at Origen75 – a beautiful spot with incredible views. This lodging is a bit off the beaten path physically and literally.  But it was worth it.  The 2 bedroom almost condo like was perfect for our group of 4.  It have a huge balcony over looking the property.  There a small pool and deck area at the top of the property to relax and enjoy.

As the Guadalupe Wine Country is getting more and more popular I had to made reservations at most spots versus walking in and taking the chance of not being able to partake.  Which proved to be not that necessary.  Maybe it was an off weekend?

Places we visited this trip!  

Encanto – Lunch – This place was really good with a beautiful view of the beach.

Los Portales De Garcia – Drinks – Next door to Encanto has a more upbeat vibe.

Monte Xanic – Wine Tasting – Nice tasting room with view and breeze. Really liked this place.

Case Frida – Wine Tasting – This used to be my favorite however although still good the vibe has changed and I’m personally not that into it.

Relieve Vinicola – Wine Tasting – This place has delicious pizza as a snack and sits opposite the sunset so nice an shady in the late afternoon.

Bloodlust – Dinner and Drinks – Fun vibe often has DJ or live music.  There are board games available. However, I was not impressed with the food selection.

Fauna – Dinner – This place is very cool and has good food but huge portions it is more  family style eating so order accordingly.

Luna De Sol – Spa Day – LOVED this spa.  They have all the things and it is so relaxing and perfect after a long weekend of drinks and fun!

Cuatro Cuatros – Snacks and Wine – Always a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy.

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