British Virgin Islands

October 9-15, 2022

The trip of a LIFETIME! St. John – USVI, BVI, St. Thomas – USVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a British overseas territory, meaning it is under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the United Kingdom. The BVI consists of around 60 islands and cays, with the largest and most populous being Tortola. The BVI is known for its stunning natural beauty, with crystal-clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and lush green hills. It attracts tourists from around the world who come to enjoy its tropical climate, pristine beaches, and excellent sailing and diving opportunities.

We embarked on this incredible vacation out of Road Town, Tortola.  We booked a 45′ Catamaran Yacht with The Moorings group.  It was fabulous to say the least. For the next 6 days, we had 4 cabins complete with bathrooms and AC, a captain, and chef.  Our particular boat had the trampoline net in front which we all loved.  There is nothing better then cruising the sea with the wind in your hair and relaxing on a beanbags over the water.

The water in this area of the world is like non I have ever seen before.  It is the most clear beautiful water you will ever see.  You can dive down 20′ from the boat deck and see clearly to the bottom. It’s amazing!  Due to Covid a number of places were closed still when we went but that didn’t stop us from having the best time.  We had phnominal weather with rain only 1 time for a short bit.

Our Itinerary was as follows:

Peter Island  – Just to stop and just take a look at things.  Beautiful cove with no wake and fun area to swim around and snorkel.

Virgin Gorda Island – Baths, Devils Beach

Guana Island – Monkey Point

Tortola – Cane Garden Bay – The most incredible sand on the beach and funny diving birds.

Sandy Cay – Explore a bit – Small island with cool shells and no one on it.

Jost Van Dyke – Foxy’s Taboo,  Bubbly Pool – Little hike to get there but fun spot to stop at.

Sandy Spit – Explore a bit – Tiniest island all white sand a palm tree. 

Little Jost Van Dyke – B Line Beach -Fun spot with food, drink and games.

Jost Van Dyke – Soggy Dollar– my favorite spot of all!, Foxy’s 

Norman’s Island The Bight – Willy T – great spot for a bite and to jump off the boat, We also did diving near here.

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