May 14, 2017

Get yourself some Good Luck!

We stopped over in Naples for a day and I will be honest, we call it Nasty Naples.  Now Naples is a beautiful seaside town known for rich history and stunning architecture. However, it is covered in graffiti and has a reputation for being very dangerous.  We had no idea. 

We booked a 3 hour bike tour for $50 each, with no real expectations.  Our guide Andrea was great, he knew the area very well.  He showed us cathedrals and castles. He also taught us about Queen Margherita and “her creation” of the Margherita Pizza.  Naples is famous for its pizza!  Overall the bike tour was a great way to see the city in a short period of time, I would do it again.

We heard the story of Pulcinella. He is often portrayed as a mischievous and cunning trickster, but also has a kind heart and willing to help those in need.  He has become an iconic figure in Italian culture. There is a statue of him in Naples and apparently it is good luck to rub his giant sniffer.

Naples offers gorgeous views of Mount Vesuvius, which we did try to go to the top of and were unsuccessful. But that is another story.

Local boys deciding the days adventures!
Bike Tour!
Seaside views!

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