Islands Around Venice

May 7, 2016

These beautiful little islands around Venice have a whimsy about them.

Boats filled with tourists and locals were scattered throughout the canals, and lights of the buildings illuminated the entire city. Gazing across the water, I could see the three grand islands that form the city of Venice, united by bridges and waterways. Taking a stroll down to the Grand Canal, I was able to take in the beauty of each island, each with its own unique charm. From the awe-inspiring St Mark’s Square on San Marco to the picturesque views of Giudecca, it was easy to understand why Venice is a top destination for so many travelers.

Murano, Burano, and Torcello all have something to offer. From lacy making to colorful cookie cutter homes to glass factory known throughout the world. They are all so petite yet huge in their uniqueness.

Lets just sit for a bit!
Perfect little spot to stop and grab a meal and don't forget the wine!




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