New York

February 13-17, 2020

A must see and experience Concrete Jungle!

New York is a place like no other.  It has so much to offer, see, and do.  It’s a rough and tough town that never sleeps, surrounds you in a concrete jungle and yet if you look close, still has so much beauty to share with you. This city is home to over 8 million people. The city is known for its iconic skyline, diverse culture, and many famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square. New York City has a rich history and has played an important role in American culture. It is a hub for finance, media, fashion, art, and entertainment. The city attracts millions of visitors each year who come to experience its vibrant energy and unique attractions. 

There are so many ways to do New York and non of them are wrong.  We started our trip in the smellist cab in the city as our transport to our hotel. Normally I would have done an uber or town car. However, I wanted my niece to experience riding in a real Yellow Taxi Cab. And let me tell you this experience will stay with her forever.  We still laugh about it. It was bad, real stinky bad…  We stayed at The RedBury, a beautiful historic 1920s design hotel set in the NoMad District.  This hotel is located near many attractions and has a fabulous restaurant, Marta, located on the ground floor.  I highly recommend! 

We wanted to my niece to see as much as we could fit in during our short visit.  So we set out to do it all.  Being centrally located was a big help. We walked to almost everywhere, we defiantly got our steps in.  Plus, since we were there on the tail end of winter it was still pretty cold out and a bit windy.  New York seasons are very distinct, so make sure you check the weather and pack accordingly.  

We wandered all over New York City.  We strolled the The High Line, checked out Hudson Yards Public Square and surrounding area.  Admired the The Vessel, a honey-comb like structure that is 16 stories and 2,500 steps. At this time indefinitely closed, unfortunately.  Took a carriage ride in Central Park. I mean, you have to! And of course, admired the 102 story Act Deco, Empire State Building.

Another day we went down to The Seaport.  Took a ferry ride out and around The Statue of Liberty.  She is a sight, standing 305 feet tall from ground to tip of torch. Later, we grabbed lunch at Malibu Farm, played around on the giant seesaws and checked out the Seaport views.  We went over to the Financial District which is next door to check out The Charging Bull.  He is a Big Boy, who represents optimism and growth!  We then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Fulton Ferry District.  Shopped through some stores and went up down the streets and took pictures in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  

Of course while in New York you must take the time visit the 9/11 Memorial, One World Trade Center and surrounding area.  I remember exactly where I was during 9/11, I’m sure you do too.  Being there is really moving and heart wrenching.  But what they have created is very beautiful.  Make sure you get your Skypod passes and go up the top where you can in every direction to infinity and beyond.  There is little restaurant at the top ONE Dine. It fun to sit for bit take in the breathtaking view and have a refreshment.  When you leave stop in The Oculus. You cant miss it. It’s the large white spiny looking building next door. Its really a huge transportation hub and mall.  Very Cool! 

We wrapped up our trip with a visit to Washington Square Park. This park is lively, it has a picturesque arch in honor of Gorge Washington, a huge playground fountain and is a popular meeting spot.  Just around the corner is our favorite New York Restaurant, Palma. Palma is a lovely little, family style Italian spot. It’s a must for great food!  To finish up we went to see Chicago starring Erika Girardi.  It was phenomenal my niece loved it. A Broadway Show is also a necessity when in New York. 

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