Punta De Mita Wedding

February 1-5, 2023

Just fall in LOVE with it!

To add on to our previous Puerta Vallarta journal entry.  This trip we came out for a friends wedding. They hosted their stunning wedding at The W in Punta De Mita on the Garden Plaza. This hotel really is so much fun especially when the majority of guests are people you know! It is pricey for the area but has all the amenities and is right on the beach.  If you would like to be near by but more family oriented the condos next door are the perfect fit and connect by walking paths.  

This trip we spent the majority of our time at the hotel.  We took a day trip to Sayulita and also went out on the town one night in downtown Puerta Vallarta.  We had a fabulous dinner at Madalena, contemporary Mexican food restaurant. An innovative gastronomic proposal, designer mixology and avant-garde audiovisual setting.  We then danced the night away at a club in town called Morelos.  There are a number of places you can check out in that area.

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