May 10, 2017

So much to see, Slow down…

We arrived in the breathtaking city of Florence, Italy. I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the ancient city, as the sun illuminated the cobble streets and warmly lit up the terracotta-roofed buildings. Everywhere I looked, there were galleries and churches, each one more intricate and awe-inspiring then the last. From the museums and monuments to the quaint cafes and local shops, I found myself constantly in awe of this amazing place.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful architecture, bustling streets, and the smells of Italian cuisine in the air. We spent our days exploring the cobble streets, taking in the sights of iconic Piazza della Signoria and climbing the hill of Piazzale Michelangelo to get a stunning view of the whole city. We also stopped by the colorful San Lorenzo market to pick up a few souvenirs for ourselves and family back at home.

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